4 Bloggers Who Are Also Maniac Marketers

Four people come to mind straight away when you begin to look for bloggers who are also competent marketers.

You are committed to making money as a freelance writer, but do you have a plan?

Excruciatingly, you keep being slapped in the face by the frightening amount of information to take in.

You are tempted to quit before you start, but you keep coming back for more because of the good people who want to help you.

Take an in depth look at four people I would be proud to call friends. They share a lot of free content, and are a very good place to start:

Bamidele Onibalusi – Website: Writers in Charge

Based in Nigeria, Bamidele’s story began with his wanting to start up a catfish farm; he did not have the money to fulfill that dream. He started his blog in 2010, is very successful today, and can afford to employ a team of five people. He recently hosted a challenge on Facebook for free which helped a lot of people kick-start their freelance careers. I looked up the meaning of his name. In Yoruba, Bamidele means follow me home. He is friendly, engages everyone well on social media, and teaches in small, easy-to-follow steps; he was named well!


Henneke Duistermaat – Website: Enchanting Marketing

The name may be German or Dutch, but Henneke [HEN-uh-kuh] lives in Manchester, UK, and has the accent to match; it’s nice of her to pronounce her name on her home page. Her casual style is engaging, she shares a plethora of free content, and she’s clearly got this profession down. Sign up for her free 16-part Snackable Writing Course which is irresistible whether you’re just starting out or well on your way in this freelance world.


Jon Morrow –Unstoppable

I think Jon would be about 31 years old at the time this post goes live. He is an incredible individual with a life-threatening disability that he has beat the odds at—so far. And in his short life he has already affected so many people with his upbeat attitude and straight talk that one would think him a happy man. He lives in a wheelchair in Mexico cared for all his life by his amazing parents. He makes his way in the world using his independent drive and perseverance as a writer and lifelong learner.


Carol Tice – Make a Living Writing

Carol Tice is a wonderful woman who has created a freaking amazing website with more ways to become a paid writer THE RIGHT WAY than anyone I’ve seen to date. She is an authority in the field and having a paid membership to The Writer’s Den at $25 a month is worth it; however, you may have to join a waiting list to get in. Many valuable free resources as well, but taking one of her bootcamps where you receive access to others working on the project and personal responses from Carol is priceless.

You read a lot online and have bought some e-books to dig deeper into new concepts you are learning. Follow some of the links (non-affiliate) to find out how these maniac marketers (the only way to survive in this world) can help you organize your thoughts and move ahead with your career.

You are bound and determined to make it as a writer because the leaders in the field inspire you.

Interestingly enough, people from across the world are working on the very thing you want to do. Most of the success stories come from folks who have been doing this for over five years, and it is clear they have been very busy in that time. So prepare for a commitment of time and energy. Whet your palate for learning and earning.

In the following weeks, I will highlight each of these wonderful maniacs, sharing more of their secrets and inspiration.

Up next week: Bamidele Onabalusi: Young Entrepreneur who gives freely

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[This blog marks my transition in my mid-fifties from making a living as a music teacher to making a living as a writer and copy editor.]

15 thoughts on “4 Bloggers Who Are Also Maniac Marketers

  1. Nice article Kate. These people are the perfect blend of artistic and business qualities.
    I personally have a special place in my heart for john morrow. His writing style is so powerful — vulnerable yet it is clearly rooted in the emotional strength. And it never fails to leave a permanent impression in the readers’ mind. His “on dying, mothers and fight for your ideas” article really stands apart from his others articles( best of the best, maybe?). I am not exaggerating here but whenever I doubt myself I just re-read that word-by-word and I feel a new surge of energy and determination, every-time.

    Thank you for the post. 🙂

    • Subrata, wonderful description of Jon’s writing style, ‘vulnerable yet rooted in emotional strength.’ And it’s true, one is energized simply by reading through his old posts, but the one you mention is surely one of his most read, most responded to, and loved. I’ll have a special post about Jon after Bamidele and Henneke, coming up. Great to see you here.

  2. Wow great article. It’s indeed great to learn from the 4 gurus. I have learnt a lot from Bamidele than any other guru i have come across. I also enjoy reading Jon Morrow’s articles.

    • Thanks, Salim. Since I’m focusing on Bamidele this coming post, any particular lesson from him that has helped you the most? I’d love to include your experience.

    • Right on, Adam. Your comment is Jon-Morrow-inspired.

      I really think Jon initiated the phrase “Here’s the deal,” and then everyone else sponged it up and started using it!

      The post is in the making … coming soon!

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