Freelance Success Story Henneke Duistermaat

A freelance success story, Henneke, works like magic…er, enchantment.

Henneke Duistermaat is a freelance success story as wonderful to follow as your favorite fairy tale or Marvel comic heroine.

I’ll start with a story, one way you will find we all can emulate her:

Walking along a beach, you spy a glistening sea shell peeking from the sand. 

You rinse it off in a wave and stuff it into your pocket. Then what?

Years later, it falls out of some box you’re going through in an attempt to simplify your life, declutter, downsize.

As it turns out, it’s the only thing in the box you want to keep.

After a couple of years of searching for advice on how to understand marketing, that’s where I wound up with Henneke Duistermaat. 

Her 16 part Snackable Writing Course is like a giant conch filled with little trinkets that line a pirate’s treasure chest. 

The glitter on the top, Henneke’s free course, gives you a glimpse of what Enchanting Marketing is. And the rest is there up for grabs when you’re ready to dive in. 

Henneke is as wonderful to follow as your favorite fairy tale or Marvel comic heroine. Click To Tweet

Be the next freelance success story

Inspired by the work I imagine it took to fashion each of those “snacks”, here are 16 reasons you may want to fall under the enchanting spell of learning from Henneke.

  1. She started her career in marketing…she knows what she’s doing.
  2. She’s about helping others understand how to promote their business.
  3. She has experienced the hardship of starting a business and facing self-doubt.
  4. She knows what it means to put yourself out on a limb.
  5. She was scared at first about sharing her personal side, like you and me. 
  6. She will help you find your writing voice.
  7. She gives you tips that will attract more blog comments.
  8. She shares a detailed process for cutting your writing time in half.
  9. She illustrates the value of writing emotional copy that persuades your reader.
  10. She outlines copywriting tips and gives comparative examples.
  11. She passes along more than 25 ways to overcome writer’s block.
  12. She teaches using an understandable analogy between learning to draw and learning to write (and shares her first drawings online).
  13. She hands out stellar pointers to put some routine into your writing habit
  14. She makes an excellent argument for writing conversationally to keep your readers close
  15. She clears a path from garble to a post that will lead your reader through a maze of information
  16. She pulls from her posts to lead you to be the best writer you can be…in case you missed something!

And these links just scratch the surface of the booty. When you arrive at each post, you will find additional links that lead to more gold.

You can check out a few of Henneke’s guest posts here. She gets published at Kissmetrics, Copyblogger, Boost Blog Traffic … little-known backwaters…eh-hem. She’s backed by Brian Clark, Neil Patel and Sally Hogshead, to name a few of her supporters.

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The Internet is a big place. There are a lot of things to avoid.

Yet, sometimes you can just tell someone will be good for you.

I mean, when you’re out there in this online world these days, you see a lot of crap, a lot of schmoozing, and a lot of hooks that you know will lead to big-buck outputs you can’t possibly afford.

In an interview conducted by Giuseppe Fratoni (my favorite of all the ones I’ve seen), Henneke clarifies for us what copywriting is and how her background as a marketer is perfect for being a writer of copy that converts.

Some takeaways from the interview:

Giuseppe: What is copywriting? 

Henneke: Copywriting is any writing where you want people to take a specific action: buy a product, download a white paper, sign up to an email list….

Anytime you want people to do something–you want to persuade them to get something done–you’re writing copy.

Like a billboard, your web page takes up very little space and your reader has a short attention span. 

Marketers try to figure out who their ‘target audience’ are, but they often make the mistake of being vague and targeting too broad a group. 

Henneke says, instead, to talk to your audience as if they were just one person. You will sound more personal, and therefore be more engaging. You won’t make the mistake of sounding like you are trying to reach ‘all of you out there who need a car’ and make individuals feel like you aren’t thinking about them specifically. 

Henneke’s audience is small businesses or freelancers. So she thinks of her favorite client, or about an imaginary favorite. Who energizes you? Who would you like to work with? 

You can spend a lot of time thinking about particulars they value, whether they have children, what their favorite hobby might be. You also need to think of what that person reads, what they watch, what else vies for their attention. What websites do they visit? What blogs do they read? 

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But Henneke says, most importantly:

What are their dreams? What do they want to achieve?

What are they scared of? What are their worst nightmares? What keeps them up at night?

Addressing these issues in your copy will let you connect with people on an emotional level. 

Giuseppe recalls a tip in one of her books: Use the same words that your ideal reader uses. If you use their words, you will be speaking their language, and be more likely to make the connection you want to make. 

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If you haven’t heard about writing your about page yet, Henneke is one of those who supports the view that you should not be writing about yourself on that page, your history, your reliability, and so forth. You should instead use your about page to connect with your reader again. Your about page should be clear about what your reader will gain from you or your product.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

The links above will transport you to beaches filled with trinkets of inspiration, pails of rich nuggets, and maps with clear directions on how you can become a freelance success story.

Take the plunge.

Have fun.

It’s a journey.


And write me when you get back.

I’d love to hear how your trip went!

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